About SoftCity

A social commerce website where software developers, users, and experts interact to build profitable relationships -- so that everyone benefits from the experience in the form of knowledge, recognition and cash.

We are building a community

Software users, buyers and developers form a community which should be connected. Everyone should be able to improve their software experience with the help and support of others.

We believe using software should be fun

Software serves a need but can and should also be fun and satisfying. Everyone can benefit from advice and recommendations from others.

We want users and developers to interact

We believe both users and developers must contribute to improve software and everyone's experience with software. Developers and users must be able to easily connect and exchange, for the benefit of everyone.

Who we are

Blaise Rabaud

CEO of SoftCity

Blaise Rabaud is the Co-Founder and CEO of SoftCity. He was an early believer in the Internet. He developed an internet connection kit as early as 1994 and worked on customer service software. In 2002, he launched a very successful ecommerce business in France, selling computer parts and hardware. In 2008, Blaise came back to Avanquest, to start SoftCity, based in Montreal.

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Marc-Antoine Ross

COO of SoftCity

Marc-Antoine Ross is the Co-Founder and COO of SoftCity. He has a proven track record as a Web technologist and systems manager. Marc-Antoine has built and operated large-scale client-server applications for several large multinational companies including JetMultimedia, CGI, Bell Mobility and Avanquest. His passions are social networking, social commerce and collaborative applications.

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Wade Goodman

Business Development Manager

Wade Goodman is Business Development Manager for SoftCity. Wade began his career working for askSam Systems. This experience afforded Wade opportunities to learn all aspects of the software industry, eventually taking over as President/CEO of askSam. Being a developer, Wade brings with him a passion and desire to help others succeed in the software marketplace. He believes SoftCity is the perfect place to see that happen.

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Tim Voet

Director of technology

For Tim Voet technology is a tool, not the solution. Tim is the director of technology at SoftCity with a proven track record of establishing technical teams and helping to support the needs of businesses. He has worked in the telecom, pharmaceutical and banking industry for companies large and small.

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Mathieu Corriveau


Mathieu Corriveau is Integrator at SoftCity. Mathieu started his career with Nurun where he worked on several projects for well-known companies. Three years later, he joined the SoftCity team as the first integrator and brought his energy and excitement to the project. Always on the lookout for new trends, tools and techniques, Mathieu is passionate about Web Semantics.

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Patrick Salomon

Tech Lead

Patrick Salomon is Tech Lead and Senior Developer at SoftCity. Patrick has worked in most fields of information technology. Since 2000, he has specialized in website architecture and programming. His wide interest in IT explains his excitement at being able to participate in SoftCity from the start.

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Richard Bashara

Community moderator

Richard Bashara is the SoftCity Community moderator. Richard began as a career journalist in the entertainment industry, where he learned how web marketing and SEO promotion build large traffic volumes. Since then, Richard has specialized in spreading the love of Software through SoftCity's social media outreach and brand management efforts.

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Alexandra Wei

Web Marketer

Alexandra Wei is the Web Marketer of SoftCity. She specializes in search engine marketing and website optimization. Over the past 5 years, she has helped different web-based businesses increase online transactions and lead generation. Alexandra used to be an editor and writer of a Chinese news agency. Her experience in publishing industry has helped her to excel in the field of online advertising and marketing.

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